welcome to ilibesitos!

my knitting journey began in childhood, intertwining with the fabric of my life. rediscovering my passion for knitting while disconnected from the digital world in barcelona in 2021, my needles have rarely left my side since.

in the dawn of 2023, i founded ilibesitos, initially crafting pieces tailored to my personal style, later expanding to cater to diverse sizes as the brand evolved. with an unwavering enthusiasm for fashion, especially sustainable fashion, i tirelessly explore avenues to make my mark in the industry.

in my role as creative director for ilibesitos, i lead imaginative photo and video shoots that weave fashion with storytelling. with a keen eye for detail and a dedication to redefine the visual landscape of fashion through creativity and innovation, i aim to create narratives that resonate deeply with our audience.

collaborating with a dear friend on styling passion projects, we capture the essence of all ilibesitos campaigns. styling, a lifelong passion, brings me exhilaration as i witness my vision for fashion come to life through these shoots.

ilibesitos isn't just a brand; it's an extension of my creative expression. i've curated not only the designs but also the entire brand image, a fulfilling endeavor for me.

a turning point in ilibesitos' journey occurred when i recognized the potential of recycled materials, prompting a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices. sustainability is integral to both me and the brand, inspiring me to craft visions and products from the finest quality materials, including those from secondhand sources.

committed to forging ahead as a beacon of slow fashion, ilibesitos strives to redefine knitwear as a sustainable art form. thank you for joining me on this journey towards a more sustainable and stylish future.